Jake Wittrock is a Chicago-based interior designer and artist.

Jake grew up in rural Iowa surrounded by a large family who have held careers in the housing industry and related trades for generations. From an early age he was interested in art, architecture, technology, and entrepreneurialism and began drafting CAD floor plans and creating 3D renderings before the age of twelve. 

Pursuing studies at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design followed by a  BFA from Truman State University, Jake now owns and operates his own business, specializing in residential interior decoration and design. For a project to be successful Jake believes in the importance of collaboration, getting the architectural details correct, and the power to reflect the sensibilities of the person who lives in a space through good design. 

As an artist, Jake pursues both aesthetic beauty through his appreciation of formalism but also chronicling his own unique point of view through conceptualism and other vernacular motifs. 

Jake Wittrock Creative Studio is now active with projects in both Chicago and Michigan and lives and works from his home studio located in the notable Boystown nightlife district where he also operates a vacation rental.